#Fashion Fridays - The Tafetta Skirt

How did you wear your Tafetta Midi Skirt?

We’ve been loving the Tafetta Midi Skirt trend for months here at Tweens to Teens and must say our customers have also!

The Tafetta fabric itself is very rich and made from silk or cuprammonium rayons. Being on the “higher end” price wise, we see may wedding, prom and special occasion dresses made with this fabric. However, with trends like the Tafetta Midi Skirt  we’re able to wear such fabrics everyday.

The midi length tends to fall between your kneecap and the bottom of your calf depending on the person’s height. This length is comfortable for most because it eliminates the constant pulling, tugging and dreadful worry of your skirt flying up because it is too short.

Here are our tips for flawlessly rocking a Tafetta Midi Skirt:

  • Tuck your top into the skirt - by tucking your top in it not only shows the beauty of the entire skirt but it shows exactly where your waistline is.
  • Pair with a cropped top, jacket or cardigan - this creates distinct break in your silhouette, making it obvious that you’re wearing two pieces and not one dress. This also helps eliminate the “frumpy” factor.
  • Pair with a printed top - We usually pair our skirts with a striped or polka dot top for our customers. This not only adds a fun and youthful factor to the outfit but the pairing intrigues people. It also makes the skirt the focal point of your outfit.
  • Wear shoes to complement the outfit - Match your shoes to the outfit and occasion! A nice pair of heels always does the trick when you wear a longer hemline. However, to maintain a more modest look a nice pair of flats will do.

Here are some of our stylish customers wearing their Tafetta Skirts!


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